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Roster and sign-up thread:

These brackets are FINALIZED. Only forfeits, DQs, and victories will alter the brackets. No amount of ************ will change them. With this many people and the class diversity, there's no such thing as balanced brackets.

If you advance into the next round and have an opponent ready, feel free to fight them even if the previous deadline has not been met yet.

Once again, disqualifications will occur if the deadline is not met. If you don't want to be disqualified, you MUST provide some sort of proof/argument that you were actively looking for your opponent.

To submit a match result:

* Post in this thread <- best option
* Send a /tell to Scold or Scoldilocks
* Ingame mail to one of those ^
* Send a carrier pigeon to my house <- worst option

Good luck to all and thanks for signing up!
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