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What really bugs me is that covenant is considered a good PvP guild

Cookies play "kickball" weekly and we beat them with our "b" team
i am "b" team and i have never lost to them
Now now lubu let's keep this peaceful and target the real enemy who are the hackusators(sp? Real word?). I'm sorry but this is my first pc game ever, I bought a pc just to play this game, and even if I wanted to hack I honestly don't think I could figure it out for the life of me yet I get accused daily. The trick is to run carnage and spam predation and 1 in 3 warzones you will see in /say "nice speed hacks". Can't believe people still don't understand this ability.

Also remember a time I was playing against hype and a guy said he hacked his way from mid to snow in 5 seconds. I asked him if he knew what force speed was and he replied something along the lines of "herp derp packit editing derp".

I guess the morale of this post is please shut up with the hacking cries and get better. If I can figure out this game enough to be called a hacker so can you! I believe.

P.s. Hype is a hacker
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