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Like I said in another thread. Most of the accusations come from ignorance (like explaining why someone predation faster than theirs or why certain classes dont take dmg for a few seconds, or very little dmg for that matter, or how a certain class can make others invisible for a period of time...see what i did there?) and/or being completely dominated. I am truly getting tired of explainging why things occur. Now I do understand that everything is hackable ( I work for a semiconductor company and we have a "team" dedicated for attacks and what not) but not everything is a hack.

Good luck to those of you guys/girls in the guilds I love playing against on both factions. I truly mean that statement. What I can see happening in the future is the dumbing down of pvp and/or less ppl to play against due to them being banned and their guild mates leaving for the same reason ...pretty sure it will be the latter.

This is just another reason for me NOT to join a guild. Apparently it puts a target on your back for the wrong reasons. Like I tell people at work "there are people who believe this: Make others look bad to make yourself look good". Once again good luck.
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