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These sorts of issues plague all MMOs it is the nature of the internet sometimes.

A lot of things can happen on the internet to cause ping spikes, yes servers is one possibility but it is not the majority cause of most cases.

They need the tracert's and pathpings to fix what they can fix, and as happened in the past approached ISPs and Backbone providers to seek a solution.

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Like I said for me though, at first I thought it was my ISP, which is why I tabbed out to run some tests and my ISP had me chugging along at 30 meg DL speeds at the very same time I was getting ultra high pings from the game. Which leads me to believe the issue was server side. I also checked temps on my video card and was not running particularly hot. Also worked fine before that and works just fine now so I don't have reason to believe it was client side either. My speculation is still that it was server side. Especially since it seems to be affecting people so randomly. I say that because some of the people I had talked to about it there didn't seem to be any rural.common factor with the PCs besides playing TOR.
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