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This whole "these guilds are hacking and I'm going to report them with no evidence because they beat me in a warzone!!11!" is getting old and stale. I just read on Darthhater that someone accused a lot of our good pvp guilds on our server of hacking in warzones, and to top it all off a darthhater mod even agreed with that commenter.

Here's a link to the thread if anyone is interested: (scroll down to about the 3rd comment to see what Im talking about)

I'm really starting to get annoyed with all of these wild accusations that have been circulating over the last few weeks. I'll stand up for these guilds when I say that I haven't seen any funny behavior from them and the butt kicking from them was because of their skill, not hacks. And to anyone that tries to say they hack I ask you this one thing; post proof. Until then you're just talking out of your *** and slandering the names of good pvp guilds/players.

To sum up this rant my jimmies have been thoroughly rustled and I was a little shocked seeing a mod of a reputable site agreeing with something that bs.

...and yet when you see that guilds name on a character who is using a hack and you mention it in general...everyone says..."oh yeah they use hacks all the time...and that player was reported a few times this week"
so "good" guilds do hack...the darthhater article just brings that to light.