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IMO, if that killed every classes “love interest” it would lose the shocking, jaw dropping, tear inducing moment that you trying to create. Also now every classes is in a revenge/justice story and the class stories have lost the distinctness that make you want to play it. However if it was only one class then I think it would have that shocking, jaw dropping, tear inducing moment and a good revenge/justice story without being overdone.

I just hope it’s not the sith warrior because dark side or light side, Vette, Jaesa or Quinn I think that a story where a Darth lord has to deal with the ups and downs of a relationship could be more interesting than a revenge one.
You know. I hadn't thought of that! You're right, it'd be like leveling up a new character, you already ran the missions once, so while it would probably be good the first time through, the other times it becomes more of the same.