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01.19.2013 , 07:04 PM | #5447
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Personally I think it would be awkward to suddenly make current companions SGR compatible at this point. I'd have to re-roll to take part in it anyway since all my companions on every character are fully maxed out in affection.
Yeah, it's very likely they've decided "Oh my glob, too hard" and are only going to have SGRA's with future companions... which you have to purchase from the Cash Shop.

You know.

Like you have to do with OGRA's.

I've sent Mr. Gonzalez a PM asking him why this fair, but he's not going to respond I don't think he likes me. He did come across as rather rude when I asked about the romances. Interesting that he thinks that throw away [Flirt]s are full blown romances, though. Says a lot.