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Sine today's login server fix i expirience up to 20 k lag spikes for like 20 sec every 10 mins
Its not been just today, this has been going on since at least the last patch, and from some people Ive talked to even longer. It seems to be random intermittent lag spikes, I had them for about 3 hours on Tuesday. I thought at first it may of been my ISP so I tabbed out and ran a speed test and was DLing at 30 meg, so it wasn't that. And before someone else decides to argue with me that I just have a **** PC, while its not top of the line I run on very high settings with about 55ms normal on my latency. What we have been experiencing is like I said an intermittent server side lag spikes that takes you well into the 10's of thousands ms latency. It made trying to run HM'S virtually impossible.
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