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I had this idea about an RP that starts off with a hunt for an artifact. My character Darth Archonus would come to this ancient, somewhat abandoned planet (I'm toying with the idea of it being Yavin IV, but I haven't decided) in search of a powerful artifact that was hidden in the Massassi ruins somewhere (because he's a bit of a psychopathic power monger). Other people's characters (it will be an open RP) can come in however they want. For example, they may follow Archonus and try to steal the artifact from him, they might have been doing research or something on Yavin anyway, Jedi characters could have been guarding the Ruins and keeping it from Sith, etc. etc.

So, this post is mainly to gauge interest in an Open RP taking place on Yavin in a sort of Sith power grab scenario. Any takers?
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