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Chapter 1

She sat alone in the dark, waiting for her father to re-establish contact. The Master had not told her what the plan was, only that it required patience. Why did he toy with the Alliance? Why not take the seat of power? The Harbinger could only wonder, but she intended to ask him when he contacted her.

The Master's Holocron glowed bright green once again as his image projected from the device. "Ah. Child."

She remained seated, bowing her head. "Father. What is your will?" She lifted her head back up and brushed her long silver hair out of her view.

"I have allies that are awaiting my call." The Master's image brought much needed light to the darkness that permeated the Iron Citadel. "You will rally them while I make preperations for the next step of my plan."

He had allies? The Harbinger did not think such a thing was possible. "Who are these allies? I will find them."

The Master lifted a hand at her. "Not yet. My other students should be with you now."

Emerging from the shadows behind The Harbinger were the Twi'lek twins The Shadow and The Assassin. The Shadow, a green Twi'lek with spotted lekku, knelt before the Holocron. "We are here to serve, Master."

The Assassin, a blue Twi'lek, knelt as well. "Our mission is complete. The Gree Computer has been procured and installed."

The Harbinger made a double-take at the two Twi'lek's. "Where have you two been? And what Gree Computer?"

The Master answered her question. "I sent them to retrieve a Gree Computer from the wreckage of a battle cruiser on a remote planet in the Unknown Regions. The Computer is vital to the operation of Project Death."

The Harbinger took a deep breath and composed herself, centering herself in The Force. "Well, now that you have your computer, what now?"

The Master remained silent for a moment, as if studying his daughter. "You will go about the galaxy and rally my allies. The Shadow and Assassin will follow you, hiding in the shadows. They will make sure that you are not harmed."

Did she need their help? No, she was trained to be the best, but their help could be necessary. "Yes, father. Who am I looking for?"

The image shook slightly before vanishing and quickly reappearing. "I have several allies, but you shall first travel to Hutt Space and procure the Hutt Cartel's services."

The Harbinger had studied the Hutt Cartel... they weren't to be trusted. "The Hutts? We can't ally with them!"

The Master quickly stopped her. "They owe me a favor, but if they require credits, then credits they will have."

She still didn't like this. "What method of travel do I have?"

"My Defender-class Starship is sitting behind the Citadel. You will take it."

The Master's shuttle was a relic of days past, but he had modified it to make it a viable ship for this modern time. "Of course, father. I shall leave immendiately."

The Holocron deactivated, it's bright green light receeding back to a dim glow. The Harbinger stood up and use The Force to retrieve the device. She turned around to see the twi Twi'leks still kneeling. "Let's go you two."

The Twi'leks stood up as she walked past them.

Finally, The Master had unleashed her upon the galaxy.
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