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Did anyone else get the feeling that it could be possible for Darth Maul to turn to the light side after he decided to play it cool when that Death Watch woman pointed a blaster on his brother's head? Somehow I could see Maul redeeming himself for protecting his brother or something.
Not me, he probably backed off because Savage is his apprentice and apart of his plan and also he probably felt Death Watch could be an asset, so he played nice.

Maul to me seems more calculating and evil than he was in Episode I...which is easy because he hardly did any thing except look cool and intimidating in that film. Sam Witwer is doing a real knock out job with the character. Makes me wish he and Matt Lanter could have played their Respective Characters in the Live Action Films.

Personally I liked this episode. I guess it is the hype from seeing the trailer and having to wait months of lackluster material to see the jewels of the season because personally this Season was really weak IMO. Only a few highlights really and one big payoff at the end. It's kind of sad actually. I feel Revival was aired first as a sort of "We're sorry but we're going to play the small stuff first and make you wait for the good stuff."

While I still think Death Watch shouldn't be portrayed as "The Cool Mandalorians" in this show I guess I have to sit back and enjoy seeing the next best thing to what I wanted ever since I saw the Season 2 Trailer. Mandalorians KICKING ARSE! Honestly I wish they could have simply substituted the Death Watch with Fenn Shya and Spar's Mandalorian Protector because canon wise they did support the CIS. But I digress.

Another thing I was hoping for but didn't see was Boba Fett clad in his iconic Armor among those Bounty Hunters. It would have been a beyond awesome to see the Son of Jango take on either the Son of Tor Viszla or brother...or whatever for a bit. I guess that would be too much of a fantasy to happen.

I also found the Bounty Hunters had a little too much plot armor on. There were times where they could have been killed but where spared the fate their "red shirt compatriots" were given.
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