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It is understandable that people like you, probably exploiting the system, will get upset and start to proclaim others as being elitist, which has nothing to do with paying or not paying a subscription. It is pure and simple an exploit as I am sure Bioware did not intend for this to be the way. See, Bioware has to make money somewhere to continue running the servers, producing new content and their workers. If this is the case then how are they to make money? It is the principle of matter in which a subscriber is paying to play is doing so to support those taking advantage of an exploit.

Obviously those who are taking advantage will attack this post, as you have made perfectly clear.
First, people like me? You mean a subscriber? Yep, I'm definitely exploiting the system there! Secondly, this is going EXACTLY like BW wants it. The only way to get Cartel coins is through real life money, either by being a sub or by purchasing them outright. The person who paid that real life money then buys the unlock, and puts it on the market for in game money. Look at the GTN, unlocks have their own drop down menu. Obiously BW wanted people to be able to trade unlocks for in game currency. So who exactly gets the shaft on that? BW gets money from the cartel coins, person who bought cartel coins gets in game money from person needing unlock, and person needing unlock gets said unlock through ingame money. Everybody wins! Except, apparently, you.