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The orange belt and bracers from synthweaving sell pretty good and the augments are awesome money makers. Most people will augment thier orange gear so keeping them on the gtn for all levels sell pretty good. Orange gear sells when people want to get into oranges right away. Just need to make sure thry are priced below legact oranges or people will just go there.

Artifice is good for leveling and the market is average for hilts, crystals and enhancments. The shields are hit and miss on the gtn. End game, if your lucky to get ops drops and successful REs, there are serious money there. Maybe not so much now since we are going into the first expansion here soon. But synthweaving, garunteed money maker with people allways looking for augmenst while leveling and at end game.

So to sum up:

Artifice- great leveling, makes credits on leveling items and potential to make tons if you raid and get lucky at end game.

Synthweaving, good for leveling, easy access to augments, and steady garunteed income at end game as long as you keep pumping them out.
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