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01.19.2013 , 03:19 PM | #6
There is nothing to be done here, this is something that bioware knew could happen and is clearly okay with it. If this wasn't inteneded all weekly unlocks and passes would be bound on pick up. You have to realise that all those unlocks have been somehow bought with real money wether that is through sub or buying cartel coins and bioware doesn't really care how its being done they are making money no matter who is buying them. While I can understand why that would seem odd to you bioware would allow this to happen it is for the good of the game and the players. This gives people that option to stock up on what they need and play the game for free if they have the cash to do so. Cause even though you might not be spending money on the game right now you are still playing the game and chances are you will spend money in the game again or someone else will buy something that you will later buy with in game currency.

Get over it and stop making threads about it.