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01.19.2013 , 03:13 PM | #1
I've notice in certain points in the game there has been some issues where my game either Shut down completely and exit out or would just cease up my whole computer and just blue screen on me then power down. It only says error file dump, and only available to read for literally 3 secs before it cuts my pc off. So I'm not able to understand what it says. One place in game, verified, just after climbing the pipe on Hutta to get to the Datacron, just after the pipe on the 1st little jump up on the hillside. I've blue screened there 2 times, already. Then other places would include Starting areas of Tython, as well as Ord Mantel. I can't give you co'ords, but I just finished up a series of tutorial videos and walkthroughs on my twitch channel and during those Live Streams, I blue screened out. I have also notice that it's just not with low level characters, It's also happened in Flashpoints on lvl 50s where a loading screen would take place, my game would shut off and exit out. This would create issues with groups, rewards, and completion of a flashpoint quest or achievement. I had to run a dxdiag on my pc, I will post that along with this post.

On a side note I've noticed other guild mates having similar issues, Where the game would wipe out cartel coins as well as UI settings, and not loading up after shut down.

If this issue has happened to anyone else I would definitely like to hear about it.. so that way I'm not spending tons of money on a computer repair person in which I don't have to. My computer seems to be functioning fine otherwise. Could someone please help with all these Blue Screens and Complete Game Exits?