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01.19.2013 , 02:59 PM | #14
Well i was able to play for about seven hours last night and made progress on Hoth but i was getting more freezes again, dont know why still. I de fragged twice and ran the repair function again, and had over 50 GB of clear space on the main drive for the paging file, but still got more freezes than the day before. For some reason, the game degrades for me ...and i dont know why for i didnt change any settings other than the settings you reccomended for the Nvida card.

i will keep going and see how it goes today. I was doing a lot of activity, i was searching for Datacrons and that puts h igh demand on the install with movement and went thru some tough battle maybe that was part of it.

it remains a mystery why it has those problems unless the additional traffic on the weekend contributed. I am playing on one of the main servers due to being in a Guild.
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