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Ya know the customer service department is really starting to look like the Laurel and Hardy routine "Who's on first?". I have an issue with buying a character slot, oh have no fear Bioware got their money and they deducted the coins from my coin bank; hell the 600 coin deduction is even on my ledger, but we are now on 11 days since I bought that shiny new character slot which would of put me from 12/12 to 12/13 so I could make that mysterious 13th character. I checked and rechecked, I logged out of game and back in, but much to my surprise no shiny new character slot on ANY of the servers. SO I put in an in game ticket, then came here to the forums to see if anyone else was having this issue, there were a few people who didn't understand how the system was set up because it was worded fairly clumsy, and a few other odd ball issues but no one else seemed to have the same issue that I was having, but much to my surprise I had found a thread similar in issue to mine that had a forum CSM response saying if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

What the hell, I'll ask, maybe he'll actually check back. Sure enough he did and he responded. Told me he looked at it and all should be well in the world and it should be just fine. So when I saw his response the next morning I went and checked and to my surprise.....nothing still 12/12. I tried asking him about it again on the forums and no response. 6 days later I finally get an automated form letter response telling me to contact customer service via phone. Ok fine Ill do that, finally get a chance a little while ago to do so, and they tell me "oh sorry you need to contact in game support and put in an in-game ticket".

So Bioware, CSM's, Forum mods, automated droids, and whomever else might be populating the employee roster for the company Christmas party's and bowling leagues....Who's on first? Who the hell is going to fix this issue I have waited patiently for, for over 10 days now, despite the fact that real money has been exchanged with no delivery of goods has been made on your part? Who is going to hold their hand up and say whoops sorry we are the ones that deal with that issue, then actually address the problem?

My redress is simple, either add the extra character slot to my account or refund the 600 coins that you deducted from my total for the extra character slot that I have yet to receive now 11 days later!
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