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And I found the SI story line to be insanely boring to be honest.
I just finished the SI story as a Twi'Lek Assassin a couple weeks ago.

I enjoyed the story immensely. From the outset, the character is engaged in a brutal struggle for simple survival. The inquisitor has to claw her way up from a cess pit to the top of the Sith Order or face a hideous and painful death. She struggles at every turn merely to be taken seriously and faces not just death, but naked contempt, at every turn. There is a constant sense of pressure to move forward or perish horribly.

Its like a plot dreamed up by a half-deranged Neitschzean playright who typed out "WHAT DOES NOT KILL ME MAKES ME STRONGER" for a title, added a half dozen exclamation points, and just went on from there. Kind of the opposite of "boring".


I know some people complain that the SI story does not have enough "plotting", but I'm not even sure what that means in the context of a video game. I guess some people wanted to spend a lot of time as a Mr. Burns type dressed up in red&black robes, cackling and going "exxxxxxcellent..." after weaving an intricate web of embarrasing rumors about their rivals on the Holonet from their penthouse apartment's desktop PC. But I'm not sure how to present that within this medium.