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Name: Yanra
Last Name: Artisan
nick name: the robot,
Gender: Male,
Age: 28
Born: Alderaan.
Species: Miraluka
Skin color: Tan,
Weight: 180 lb' [body type 2]
Eye color: blue
Hair: black, and tied back behind his head.
Body description: Muscular, numerous scars on his chest,
Current Residence: Nar Shaddaa
Profession: Jedi,

Armor: A lightweight robe,
Primary weapons: the force,
Secondary Weapons: his cyan lightsaber.

Other Information
Habits: growing flora, meditating,
Vocal patterns: deep, usually speaks in a monotone, [AKA the nickname robot.]
Weaknesses: civilians, he'll do whatever for their safety,

He's your average run of the mill jedi, born on alderaan, his family worked for house organa, they would be 'lie detectors.' sensing if the man/woman was truthful, then one day, a squad of imperials ran into the throne room, with one goal, to kill the leader, his parents sacrificed themselves to save him, a jedi master arrived to confirm it was the two. [his parents were former jedi, still report to them though.] that's where he discovered Yanra, he was then brought to tython to begin his training, usually going out of his way to help the other padawans. he finally became a jedi, his first mission was to head to courasant, and check the underbelly for potential force sensitives/sith. he began his search and he discovered the latter. there were two of them, both clad in robes, one male, seemed to be a iridonian, the other a female seemed to be a cyborg, young, with a cybernetic on her jaw. the male noticed him before he could react the sith [the male.] began to crush his throat, he grabbed at his throat to no avail, he took a small shallow breath, and looked around. he noticed a neon sign above the group, "Traon's, banths burgers now 50% off!" he began to try to knock the sign down. he focused on that, the two smiled as his body went limp, what they didn't know is that he was preparing for it, the sith let go of him, thinking Yanra was dead,Yanra then raised his hand, sending a pulse through the air, knocking the sign right of it's hinges, it then fell on the two, Yanra then stood and walked towards them cautiously, the male raised his hand sending a grenade on his belt flying towards Yanra's chest, Yanra closed his eyes and was shot back by the grenade, he later awoke in the senates medbay, A jedi stood next to him, she was a female, and the most beautiful one Yanra had ever seen, "how do you feel?" She asked. Yanra "goo....." He then began to feel as though his chest was on fire, he lifted up the medbay robe he had, discovering all the stiches he now had, "The grenade really did a number," she smiled. "I can see that," "Well, Yanra, *she sets a file on the table* this is your new assignment, good luck," she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and smiled and then left the room, he opened the file, [on a holo,] it said he had to lead a squad of troops on balmorra, "easy enough, I'll head out, right,," He stopped, realizing the pain was making him feel numb, "when I can move," he lauged and ordered some food,

Sorry for answering late, I just learned about this part of the forums, [Ive posted in a few already,]
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