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I seriously doubt that. Sauron was one of the Maiar spirits like a demi-god, actually the most powerful one on Middle-Earth at the time of War of the Ring. Sith Lords are just mortal humans/aliens.
And what does Sith Lords have to do with Deathstar? They don't make Deathstar's superlaser any stronger since they are using technology to create it and not the power of the Force.

But to the question asked, no, Deathstar could not destroy The One Ring because it can only be destroyed in the Mount Doom. Sauron extended his own powers into it so it's not just normal fire & lava there. It's filled with Sauron's power.
Nihilus could devour a planet's lives, Palpatine's Force Storm could destroy a fleet in seconds, and Sauron could not even defeat a bunch of human and elves with cold weapon with an army on his hand.