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Which Tank build is best really depends on two things, 1 the type of things you are doing (Raids, PvP ect) and the player behind the mouse/keyboard, after all different play styles will suite different people.

I run a Guardian Tank as my Main and have tried both Hybrid and full Defense. My opinions are based not on numbers but on my own experience which I will admit is totally subjective.

If you're still leveling or just doing Dailys and PvP at end of game then the Hybrid is a better choice as it does get both slightly improved DR and more DPS, makes Soloing stuff much easier. But if your trying to run Tank in Operations then the Full Defense Build, simple reason, Threat. In a raid the most important job a Tank has is to hold the bosses attention and keep him off the DPS and Healers and a full Defense tank has more tricks up their sleeves to help generate agro especially in the early opening phases of the fight. I don't know what the Jugg equivalents are but Guardians get both Guardian Slash and Hilt Strike from the upper half of the Defense Tree both of which generate a lot of Threat if worked into a rotation. Toth and Zorn in EC HM is a good example, when I was running Hybrid build I would keep losing agro to some of the more over-enthusiastic DPS, simply put I couldn't do damage fast enough to stay ahead on the agro table and was often faced with a choice of either allowing the boss to pound the DPS for a few seconds before the Tank Swap or use my taunts to get him back and not have them ready when the bosses jumped, you know you have an agro issue when even a Guarded DPS pulls agro twice during the first 10% of a boss fight.

After going full Defense, which tbh I did not like as much at first, I had almost no issues with hold threat, even with the same overly active DPS players, once I'd landed the first hit I could hold him no matter what the DPS threw at him. Simply open with Saber Throw, Force Leap, Hilt Smash, Guardian Slash then hit him with Force Stasis (I know it doesn't stun him but it is also a DoT) then move the boss into position and use ranged attacks (Blade Storm and Force Push) to keep agro. Very occasionally I might lose agro but then you have the AOE taunt to get it back, I no longer need to waste both taunts before the swaps occur

That being said I know at least 2 Guardian Tanks in our guild who run Hybrid spec and have few problems with agro, as I said it's more about the type of player you are, find which build you are good with and stick to it. For me it was Defense for you it might be something else.

In Flashpoints (with the possible exception on LI HM) the two builds pretty much even out..
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