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An Idea popped up in the General section of Jung Ma, where someone asked if there was a list of Imperial and Republic Guilds. I thought it would be a good idea to make one, so here it is! The purpose of this post is to have a list of all the Active Guilds that are on Jung Ma, and provide links to their respective Website and Forum Threads.

So, It will be separated into two groups: Republic, and Empire. Each "Listing" will include the following Information:

Guild Name:
Faction: (Will be obvious, but just in case someone misses it)
Focus: (PvP, RP, PVE, or what ever you consider your Guild)
Recruitment Thread:
Point of Contact: (Optional)

Pretty simple. I won't be going through the Guild Recruitment Threads and putting the info here, as that would require more time than I have at this current moment in time. However, if you want your Guild added simply reply to this post in the above format, and I will add it to the first post! Alternately, you can PM me the details!

Any ideas, additions, or what not can also be discussed here in this post.






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