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Its just some of the stuff you say can only end in a flame war - so it has to be ignored.

But yes, I'm probably pushing it a bit. Comparing the pictures they don't look that much a like - wishful thinking on my part, I really did love Darth Serevin. (why oh why did they kill him?) And the guys striking a pose, cause he's bad
flame war, reminded me that I wanted to eat eggs on crispy bacon today, hmm yes!

he would look much, much better with long hair, why theres no long hair option in game, after seeing Exal Kressh with her spread hair I want my male to have the same and Marka Ragnos ( If I remember correctly ) also had them long or maybe it was Ludo Kressh, hmm, anyway, that picture is great as it shows him with jewelry, I like this type, altho theres no tendril jewelry in game, sad too. and about bad pose, I dont know, hes also wielding his lightsaber in a certain way - maybe you were right and he is part of sgr
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