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Lol, very true. That guy is kinda crazy though, so don't pay him too much attention.

And yes they do look very cool. I especially like the Sith Pureblood, he's got a real epic look about him that not even Serevin can match. Speaking of Serevin, they look quite similar don't they? A son perhaps? Oh and for the record, fanfics rule!
if by crazy you mean infinitely intelligent and wise with a morality of ubermensch then I'm more than obliged to agree, althou calling people crazy and suggesting to ignore them is rather a derogatory form, tsk tsk, my friend, tsk tsk but I'm no offended so no need to trouble your conscious ( never knew how to spell it )

nothing special about his looks, it is obtainable thro character creation, in fact my Sith Warrior is very much similar, just with a bigger body - this one on cover seems to bend to back too much, his poor spine.
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