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I watched the movies when I was like 5 and honestly didn't understand much. I mean they put you in in the middle of a war and the movie just explodes from there with a group of people the movie is based on these "Jedi" are an ancient order thats about to go extinct

I just got the feeling that there should of been more before that to explain where Darth Vader came from and what Sith are and and who the wrinkly green Goblin/Gremlin was and that sort of thing.

Fast forward to today and me being a SWTOR player, I want to learn more about Star Wars so I go to Galaxy Bookshop the best Sci-Fi and Fantasy bookshop in the country and they can't even suggest where to start in the shelves and shelves of Star Wars books they have.

Figured i'd ask here about what book to start with?

Would many of the Star Wars books be on the Amazon Kindle store?