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Just like the title states. Not one. Now that I think about it, I have done only 1 and it was pre-50 (the one where you cross something and if you are too unsober, the beam kills you since you cant stop looking in to light). I pvp 98% of the time with usually the only pve stuff that I do are the black hole dailies. Thats it.

So what's the point of this thread? After a year of playing the game, I wanna try some flash points. I usually see on the fleet "must know fights" and what not so I know that they do not want an unexperienced person and I dont want to waste their time as well as mine by asking for an invite. Now I do not want to join a guild in order to do flash points. I know a few ppl have been willing to let me run with them and on top of it, they actually said that I can use my dps operative. I kinda don't wanna hamper the team and give ppl back problems for carrying me. I have a few other 50's and kinda wanna try them out. I usually play late night (midnightish to 6-7ish pst sun-tues).

So if you feel like showing someone who usually only PVPs to do Flash points (I do understand cc NPCs and not using aoes to "wake" them and focusing on one of them) it will be greatly appreciated and more than likely help me enjoy the game even more. Send me a whisper in game or reply in this thread and I'll hit you up. Thanks a ton in advance.
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