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The Mandalorian Crusaders of 7000 BBY up until 3,963-ish (until the Neo-Crusaders had converted the majority to their cause) all had personalized armour to the point on no two suits looking the same externally or internally. The Crusaders are the pure representation of the culture, so that means any Mandalorian who wishes to follow tradition faithfully would customise his or her gear. In traditional culture there is no rank except for the Mandalore and clan chieftains, who both rise to their positions by proving themselves worthy of it and can lose it at any time if another proves to be stronger. So there are no uniforms either in traditional Mandalorian culture.

In TOR, we see the majority of NPCs using uniformal blue, but that could simply be preference since we also see a lot of Mandalorians in armour of their own choosing. Perhaps the blue is a remnant of the Mandalorian Wars? Reminds them of a grander age? Or perhaps it's just in fashion. Shae Vizsla, Torian Cadera, Solus Bralor, Jogo the Carver, Mavrix Varad (and Clan Varad in general), Hondar Soongh, Tarro Blood and a whole lot more Mandos are using a more personalised look rather than the blue.
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