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There is actually a very good market for low to mid range items (mid range especially) that gives amazing income if you can put yourself in a position to take advantage of it.
Exactly. On top of that: purple items are rare for a reason. You can make a huge amount of cash with them, but the tradeoff is that it will take you some time/credits to be able to make them. For non-crafters: they are expensive, but the stats are accordingly. Simply increasing the RE chance will cause a major imbalance and you might as well just get rid of all the green and blue items. That said, even at 10% success rate, it's pretty easy to get the purple schematics. Of course you have to be a bit patient and invest some credits (which you can make quite easily by selling greens and blues, especially the low/mid level ones). But I guess that's where the problem is: people want the good stuff right here, right now, and not pay any effort at all.