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On my female Twi'lek (as well as her companion Vette) that's wearing the Fancy Reveler's Outfit from the Cartel packs, the outfit looks properly red with a little white in the preview window, character selection screen and conversations while in-game it looks almost completely white with a slight rose tint. I got the outfit because I liked the appearance from the preview as the red matched the red of her Skin nicely, but now it's rubbish as the whole white deal doesn't fit her Sithness and I wasted money on it.
Please fix the color appearance so it looks in the game just as it looks in the character creation, cutscenes and preview window!
While I agree on fixing it to match what one sees in the preview window. How does white outfit not make one Sith? o.O I thought my Sith's all white outfit, fit very well for her. I'd say the same for my other Sith, except the other pieces ith color matching always came out as grey :/ Ruined the look I was going for, so replaced it with my second pick, a hood down long robe
I didn't say that. "Your Sithness" is something some characters mockingly call the woman. I didn't mean it applies to all Sith, Imeant it applies to her specifically.

On a side note, the Jedi Conservator Robe always matches items to become green instead of a nice beige or brown from the robe, which causes almost no pants to properly fit at all (let's face it, the Conservator's outfit are items from various sets tossed together that don't fit together properly - if the robe only had a crotch flap like other Jedi robes it would alleviate the issue, but having it properly unify colors would be even nicer).