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Name: Paffios Karhun
Occupation: Gladiator,
Description: A 23 year old mirilan, male. wilh black hair slicked back, [not sure of the height, but body type 2]

Paffios had just begun his fight when the battle begun, he grabbed his two vibro-swords and swung them around, "Hardly fair for you my friend" the 6'9 [body type 3] mandolorian just roared, Paffios had seen the man early, pumping himself up full of who knows what. the man ran straight at paffios, paffios attempted to slide out of the way, but then the ground began to shake, the mandolorain had still continued his assault, he crashed straight into Paffios, sending them both into the wall of the ring, he looked up dazed as the building collapsed,
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