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Athimar entered the apartment complex's basement with one thing in mind, Anarchy, he had his civilian attire on, but underneath it he had his armor, It was standard for all agents to get it but he constantly added new inventions to it, he flipped on the shoulder light, one of his latest inventions, his red eyes surveying the area, the area was clear, he entered the elevator, he made sure his blaster pistol was fully loaded, it was, he smiled as he saw the girl at standing atop the front desk, she was trying to calm down the inhabitants, mostly a young female zabrak jedi, she was yelling about the fact the door was locked, and she wanted to know what was happening, "Ma'am I have a right to know!" The jedi screamed, he smiled as he grabbed his pistol from it's holster and shot two rounds into the air, the inhabitants all stopped and turned towards him, "You will all listen or die, we the glorious empire are now attacking your dirty piece of land you scum call datooine," "But who are you?" the young jedi asked. "I am not important what is important is that you all listen to me," he heard the door's open behind him. 'security guards, easy pickings' he thought as he turned and shot the two zabrak guards, "Now, do not be like them, comply and live, or revolt and die" it's up to you, the young jedi then grabbed her saber and ignited it, 'do not listen to him, we will survive we are the Glorious......." she was cut short by the dart in her throat, "do not worry young jedi, The dart is non lethal, will just make you more complient," he smiled "Anyone else?" he asked already knowing the answer.

[If anyone wants to play the now drugged jedi, feel free,]
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