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<Rofls and Pwncakes> is still a new guild on the Harbinger we only have about 12 active members at the moment and are recruiting more for a 2nd ops team and some 16 mans. I will have no problem personally helping you gear up your toon as long as you are willing to learn your class/rotation after all gear is nothing without knowing your class. We are looking for all classes and rolls. In our first 3 weeks our progression sits at 3/4 EC HM. Hope to down Kephess next week and start rolling into TFB HM. My current wish lists includes a sniper, PT pyrotech, 2 sorc healers(one for each op group), but all classes are welcome. Need Tanks for our 2nd ops group as well. We are a pretty laid back crowd. We joke and laugh and have fun running operations. We will progress and it may get serious from time to time. I myself am extremely competitive and will down these operations in time. So PM me with any questions and/or visit our website Also other than occasional random General Chat trolling we try to stay classy and treat other players with respect.