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Get your alacrity to around 8% percent and you will be fine. The tooltip will show a difference in vast times between 8% And 10% however the cast time will still take the same amount of time. For example, when my sorcerer is a Lightning DPS, force lightning takes 2.7 seconds (without polarity shift, lightning barrage and the 4 item set bonus) to cast at 10%. Wheny alacrity is at 8% it still takes 2.7 seconds to cast even though there is a difference on te tool tip. When my sorcerer is healing, the alacrity stays the same but I lose those nifty procs.
Oh top job btw, too busy arguing with losing Jedi's

8% is a good max, 32% crit unbuffed and just over 300 surge after these numbers you just aren't going up as much as you'd like. Don't rush to the 8% alacrity though, you'll pick some up along the way, just look after the other numbers Willpower, ie main stat, on all augments is allways money well spent and time too.
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