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Despite the arguement this is a extremely insightful thread. So as such whats our crit supposed to be at for madness wh fully aug
crit 30% ish, pushing towards 37% fully buffed
surge 300 or just over which is about 77%
alacrity definately not pushing over 8%, but as i can only ever repeat we try to max everything else out along the way and worry about alacrity last is'll pick some up along the way because of course they are attached, come in pairs and you'll find yourself a little more robust but still more of a glass cannon than most.

Augments really all and always need to be main stat be it aim or willpower or strength or whatever as we still believe there to be no cap on them and they benefit more and more widely.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.

Look for the changes in spring eh, may get to start all over again with the numbers game lol
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