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Some good points. But I've got one more question... I've heard a rumor that Mother Talzin (the head witch of Dathomir) is a One, I personally don't believe this, but many people do think she has the powers to be a One, and they think she is the Mother that is mentioned.

She handled Count Dooku with ease, and would have killed him if not for General Grievous interrupting. People say Mother Talzin is similar to Darth Sidious as she too has a scheme she is trying to put into effect (helping both Savage and Ventress when they both go back to Dathomir complaining about one another).

I can't wait for the next arc in the CW series as I'm told Darth Sidious is going to take matters into his own hands, so it will be great to see him tackle Darth Maul and Savage with his fabled Sith Lightning.