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I too am someone who generally dislikes MMOs, I think thats a large part of the appeal of SWTOR, it is an MMO that plays like a single player RPG.


They could make the romances available right now, and if they want to add gender-specific aspects to them down the line that'd be great, and they'd obviously be able to do that as well, whenever they liked. So hopefully they'll finally do that soon.
Snipped for length. It was a good post with a number of salient points.

Unfortunately at the Guild Summit in March 2012 the only thing they were emphatically clear on regarding SGRAs is that they were consciously choosing to avoid doing exactly what you've suggested. They've chosen to make more in-depth changes to the romance arcs in order to make them SGRA-capable so no matter how easy it could be with a few gender flag alterations and a handful of rephrased lines they're not going to do that.

As we've seen BW:A don't do stuff they've chosen not to do (a trait that can be both positive and negative) so for all of their statements regarding how difficult or expensive it's proving to implement SGRAs I think they need to be taken with a grain of salt and an implied addendum of 'the way we've chosen to implement them'.
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