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I think a major problem here ( and god knows I am no elite) is that the casual player get smashed to pieces instantly if they try to run the specialized full specs some of the experts say have given them good results.

If you don't have a good guild , if you don't run pre-mades, you'll never have to worry about RWZ to begin with. The problem can be as bad in unrated , especially with packs of smashtards backed up by a pair of good healers and a pair of snipers/gunslingers to burn down anyone who doesn't get smashed to paste.

If I understand correctly, there really seems to be three camps. One says "you can't be competitive unless you roll hybrid and and that means the class sucks and needs a fix". One says, "you can be very competitive in full spec if you're geared and you know what you're doing", and the final group seems to be saying "all sorcs are weaksauce and need heavy buffs".

I think the third group's arguments are invalid...but I also think the experienced players saying "l2p and full spec is fine" are underestimating (or don't care) about the effect it has on casuals.

Would modest improvements to survivability really make the class OP?
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