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I too am someone who generally dislikes MMOs, I think thats a large part of the appeal of SWTOR, it is an MMO that plays like a single player RPG. Kind've like how the original KOTOR, WAY back in the day, was a traditional RPG that played like an action RPG. You appeal to a much wider range of people that way, and its still super fun. Clearly SWTOR has those MMO elements, the group quests, the PvP, stuff like that, and they are likely as much or more fun than any other MMO as well, but the primary draw for me, and probably a majority of players, is the storyline. Obviously that includes the romances, which is why there are 20 of them in the game, and while I've never heard a number on the total number of flirts its probably well over a thousand, and that might be an understatement. The fact that we aren't allowed to enjoy ANY of them is simply mind-boggling, and its why most players are upset. That, and the fact that its so easy to turn off the gender checks and solve the issue, but they pretend its 'unexpectedly hard', so hard that its taken them well over a year and theres still no end in sight to the waiting.

As someone who is, unfortunately, an expert on this topic due to years and years of experience using mods to enjoy romances that are gender-checked away, there is literally never a romance that needs to be rewritten or changed in any meaningful way whatosever because the main character is really a female. Whether its the Bastilla and Female Revan, Morrigan and Female Warden, FemShep and Ashley, Jack, Miranda, Tali, I've literally played them all, and many more. The only one that is at all annoying is the Morrigan one, because of the unusual number of male pronouns in that one, but even that one is awesome (particularly if you have the Morrigan DLC, and get the happy ending, with Morrigan and the Female Warden going through the mirror to raise their child and have their happily ever after) . And the reason that one of the very first mods that came out for DAO was the mod that let you romance Morrigan as a female Warden is, in addition to the fact that it was one of the most wanted, it was also because it was one of the easiest to do. It is just SOOOO easy to get rid of that gender check and let everybody enjoy the romance, it isn't 'unexpectedly hard', it doesn't take years, it took about 2 days for a modder, a guy who isn't even a professional getting paid to do it, to put the Morrigan one out there, and it might not've taken him that long to actually do it, it might've just taken him that long to do it, figure out where to upload it, etc. Thats the key point behind all of this, how easy it is to do if they would just do it, instead of pretending its hard and making excuses while doing nothing.

Of course it would be much harder if they wanted to write the romance storylines completely differently depending on which gender you were, but that is not only completely unnecessary, quite frankly its downright absurd. The romance is the romance, gender doesnt really play a role, once you'd played enough of these romances via mods you realize that isn't even slightly an issue. Of course it would be nice if they threw in a line about your character's gender at some point, that's always nice in any storyline in the game, and certainly it would be particularly appropriate for the romance storylines, but that's something they could add in later if they wanted to, thats not an excuse to give us absolutely nothing for well over a year. They could make the romances available right now, and if they want to add gender-specific aspects to them down the line that'd be great, and they'd obviously be able to do that as well, whenever they liked. So hopefully they'll finally do that soon.