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01.18.2013 , 07:21 PM | #212
I understand about how PvErs don't like being forced to PvP in order to do these events, believe I know, I myself am a PvEr. But guys I mean this whole game is full of people who will gank you on any server. If you guys are still like "oh well this is a PvE server they shouldn't do this," then you should really realize that there are PvPers on all servers. Almost every planet is PvPable, so if you guys have a problem with this, then you have a problem with almost every planet. If you guys dont want to get ganked, play a stealth character if you have one, or get a group together to help you get to locations to do quests. Bioware could have made it more efficient I will agree on that, but they've had so many cuts that they're barely keeping this game up and running. If you get ganked, don't blame Bioware, they have enough trouble dealing with keeping this game alive. And if you guys still have a problem then let me tell you, is the Black Hole PvPable, yes it is. Is Ilum PvPable? Yes it is. Don't blame Bioware for being gankable, blame the people who gank you. There will always be those sorts of people in video games, Bioware has no control over it.