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Yeah I did some hardcore recruiting for last few months but unfortunately it seems the quality of the players has gone way downhill and have been unable to find folks that are a good fit with the guild and who are skilled enough. Might get a couple back for the expac but we'll see. A lot of the raiders already burned out on this game though because they don't consider a new mode of an old operation as progression content. I can't exactly fault them for it because I myself get bored running the same operation since april even if it is in a different mode.
Until you've seen Empire on TOFN you have no idea what "downhill" encapsulates. Constant seeking of new recruits in the last few months has only resulted in all two players writing applications that make you wonder if they passed primary school at all. Even the Rep side seems to be more or less derp except for FF. I think that at this point it is safe for me to say that the average player of SWTOR is older than in WoW, but far more immature and "raid illiterate". I would say the damage has become irreversible. But you're right, of course, can't really blame those who have left - if we're still doing EC NiM in April, it will be one year since its launch, and that thought alone causes shivers in my spine as the nightmare of Icecrown Citadel for 12 months will come back to haunt me ... *shivers uncontrollably. I wish I had your optimism in the expansion bringing new raiders in or bringing back the former ones, but I've personally seen people leave right before the launch TFB HM and EC NiM, because in this twisted MMO that seems to be the pattern.