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01.18.2013 , 07:06 PM | #12
I truly believe that the Gav Daragon server has (at least on the republic side) lost almost all focus on rp, instead trying to push forward in pve. Honestly, if there is no longer moderate amounts of players actually participating in rp, Bioware might as well fix the population issues of the server by merging it with the Dalborra server. I have personally started over in the Dalborra server, only occasionally dropping by on the Gav Daragon, however the elitism I have faced is very offputting and I am considering asking for a transfer of my 50 on the Gav Daragon to the Dalborra server. I believe that if the server merges don't happen then I will almost certainly transfer my 50 to the Dalborra server. However,if the server merges do happen I have an ide a for the guild!/character name dilemma. Whoever had the name first keeps the name while the other changes it. That's my view, I'm interested in hearing other's.

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