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I see G0-T0 coming out on top. Here's why...

First, if they all know they are fighting each other, who are the two prime suspects? Grievous and Reven. Who would attack an exchange boss when the others have huge armies? I think we can agree that Reven and Grievous will be the main fighters here. So after many battles, which has taken time-a win for Reven while Grievous wins this one, G0-T0 has manged to look at how Reven and Grievous have been fighting. He has bought troops to best fight them, and has been able to create many, many HK's. As the final battle ensues, Reven and Grievous attack each other. G0-T0 has HK's in position and... BANG! Whoever win the R&G (Reven vs. Grievous) will be killed by HK's an other assassins. Game over.

This is the simple version, but that's how I see the majority of scenarios happening.
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