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I imagine Greivous will come across as the seemingly the most powerful, so I imagine this Kaggath will begin with Revan and G0-T0 (not teaming up) focusing on bringing down Greivous.

Revan will quickly learn that fighting the droid army head on isn't tactically the best course of action. But there are several ways to beat Greivous.

1. Scorched-earth tactics. Revan can send an enemy force around the enemy and attack their infrastructer like Sherman of the American Civil War. He could accomplish this by goading Greivous into a fight. Greivous will avert his attention and resources to a point that Revan has purposefully weakened. As this happens, Revan will send an army around to, like I said, wreck Greivous's infrastructure.

2. Assassins. They will be extremely decisive in this Kaggath. A group of assassins (with or without Revan) could beat Greivous.
NOTE: some might argue that these assassins won't be very effective. I disagree. Look at what Asajj Ventress and 2 Nightsisters almost did to Count Dooku in TCW.