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Remember just because this thread contains the word 'Revan' doesn't mean it has to erupt into a flame war.
Like that's gonna stop anyone!

I'm surprised these three were picked for this battle. I was hoping for Exar Kun vs. Grievous vs. Revan. Oh Well!

(Before I begin my analysis, which will be as unbias as possible, how much money does G0-T0 have? I think that should be addressed. This analysis will be posted under the impression that G0-T0 has bottomless pockets, or whatever a droid would keep credits in )

(And one more thing. How many ships did the Star Forge produce? And what kinds of ships were they?)

OK so, analysis time:


Troops numbers: Grievous commands an army of trillions(more than that, but trillions is a definite number) of battle droids that allowed him to expand the Clone Wars to every corner of the known galaxy. Darth Revan commanded an army of Dark Jedi, Sith Troopers and advanced War Droids. G0-T0 can hire as many people as he can and has a near limitless number HK-50 droids. Obviously Grievous wins, but G0-T0 comes in second here.

Troop Adaptability: Relatively equal here, but Grievous can build droids for any situation.

Vehicles: Simply put, Grievous has this category. The sheer variation and numbers of the vehicles he has can destroy anything Revan can bring. G0-T0 is the only one who could have a chance, as he can just buy vehicles.

Specialty troops(includes Dark Jedi and HK-50's): Grievous has Droideka's and Magnaguards, as well as Commando Droids at his disposal. Revan has the Dark Jedi, and G0-T0 has the HK-50's and the elite Bounty Hunters. Grievous and G0-T0's special troops can vanquish the Dark Jedi with relative ease (Droideka's and Magnaguards can take on Jedi Masters and the HK-50's are Jedi Killers). However, G0-T0's HK-50's can take on the Droideka's and Magnaguards. Tie between Grievous and G0-T0.

Land superiority: Grievous wins with Revan coming in at a close second. G0-T0 could simply buy himself an army (or build a ton of HK's), but he doesn't have the capability of competing in open ground warfare.


Ship numbers: I think it's pretty obvious who wins this category. Grievous simply has thousands of cruisers.

Space superiority: The Interdictor-class cruisers can put out some major firepower, but Revan doesn't have them in enough numbers to compete with the numbers of heavy cruisers that Grievous can bring to bear. Space goes to Grievous with Revan coming in second and G0-T0's Yacht and whatever he buys coming in third.


Recruitment: Not exactly a factor here, except for G0-T0. Would he be able to hack Grievous' droid army? They don't operate off of a CCC anymore, so how would he do it?

Allies: Ventress can defeat Malak in a duel (someone's gonna disagree, but they will be wrong), but I think Hanharr would beat her. Dueling-wise of course. Ventress could simply choke the poor wookiee into submission.

One-on-one: I think Darth Revan would prove the victor in a duel with Grievous(need to think more on that...). However, will Grievous allow that to happen? I doubt he would fight Revan one-on-one, not unless he has backup.

The Victor: Grievous will defeat Revan's armies, but I think G0-T0 may be able to outwit the General and gain the victory. Depends on whether or not he can hack Grievous' droid army. Bearing that in mind, the only way Revan can win is by cornering and defeating Grievous in a duel, which Grievous wouldn't be stupid enough to do. Grievous will beat Revan, leaving the General to deal with G0-T0.

Not sure who would win that, but I'm sticking with Grievous.

(Going to get called hater, but I tried to be as unbiased as possible)
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