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Not a bad overview, I agree that the stun bubble spec is too DPS heavy though. I personally would put no points into convection and instead put full points into Electric Induction.

I would also refrain from taking chain lightning at all, preferring to put at least one point into Will of the Sith. I would say that lightning effusion is a great talent unless you know you are never going to stay alive long enough to run out of force. Generally it is a great force management tool when used in conjunction with lightning barrage.
You're both correct- the spec I'm using is more dps heavy, and I do miss out on 6% WP bonus due to it, a bonus you could get by dropping either CL or lightning effusion.

I'll move the 15 second CD off WW talent to a better section of my talent recap, on review it would seem a good talent if you're less interested in DPS and more in utility.

I still prefer the dps my current spec offers though, and consider what I am losing to be less valuable than what I gain.
- Also included Jadescythe's spec as an alternative in the bubble stun section.