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Operatives are amazing (both dps and healer) from lvl 10-49. Their ability to stealth and CC, simultaneously, both humoid and droid targets allows them to solo almost all the pre-50 content when properly geared and played. However, the dps trees are not competitive at end-game content and if you wish to run HM OPs you are going to need to stay spec'ed as a healer (though operative dps is more than adequate for the 4-man HM FPs).

Powertechs are great tanks (when spec'ed into shieldtech AND wearing tank armor). When spec'ed into the dps tree of pyro, they do excellent burst damage in both PvE and PvP. They also have great utility with their taunts and grapple. However, for PvE, there are better melee options such as marauders and assassins. If you have no desire to tank and you're not a big PvP guy, marauders and assassins (of equal skill and gear) can, overall, provide more dps and utility to a PvE team.

Assassins are, IMO, the best melee class in the game. Thy have a stealth, a CC (that doesn't initiate combat), and potent DoTs (for dps) and fantastic passive migrations and self heals for the tank spec. In fact, when you watch videos of players solo'ing HMs it's almost certainly an assassin toon.

The only downside to assassins is they take a little more time and effort to learn and play well.

But ultimately it's not about what class is the best, it's about what class would you have the most fun with. If you like tough, mean, in your face classes with simple rotations then powertech all the way! If you like a more tactical play style and want the option to heal, pick operatives. If you prefer tactical play style and prefer a tank hybrid over a healer hybrid go with an assassin. Just remember that operative and assassins require the use of stealth and CCs.
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