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01.18.2013 , 04:32 PM | #76
Thanks for the write-up dipstick. I have one HUGE hairy question that I would very much appreciate you or someone helping me out on.

How does the Absorb proc relic (BiS for Vanguard) effect the "optimal" stat distributions.

Without any math I can see that during a long fight in my character screen with proc up and stacks of screen my absorb goes as high as 75% (up from about 58.5% pre-screens/proc). This seems DR to me big time, however that up time is not 100%.

Obviously having that large chunk of absorb periodically up must effect optimization numbers. Without calcing it out I have just shifted some abs to shield.

Buffed at 18.5% def, 61%shield, 58.5% absorb. Roughly 27k HP (3 b mods)

So how do I factor this in, since not 100% up time it cant be the full stat # increase, but seems like needs to be accounted for.


Rhino-B (LotFM)