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I apologize in advance for the length (~2000 words) of this "synopsis." The extensive universe of Ruth Means Compassion (RMC) has a core gathered in this downloadable PDF* but has a number of minor additions on the SFC and elsewhere. It's centered on Sith Warrior Ruth Niral with regular appearances from Imperial Agent Wynston and late-timeline contributions from Jedi Knight Larr Gith. To date it spans a little over fifty years. This summary contains spoilers for the Sith Warrior line and the Imperial Agent line; it does not describe RMC's ending except in the last section. The RMC standalone thread-and-PDF also has spoilers for the Jedi Knight line.

Pre-game and prior to the central narrative of RMC (no spoilers):

Game and timeline 1 of RMC, corresponding roughly to Ruth's dictionary definition "pity or compassion":

Post-game and the remainder of timeline 2 of RMC, corresponding roughly to Ruth's secondary dictionary definition "sorrow or grief":

Post-game timelines 2.5 and 3 of RMC, corresponding roughly to Ruth's tertiary dictionary definition "contrition or remorse" (this was not actually planned in advance, I was aware only of definition #1 when I created Ruth):

Don't Call them Ruth-Less picks up where RMC left off and its dedicated thread, along with this summary, uses detailed spoilers all over RMC's endgame. Pretty much everything in this timeline is humor rather than drama.
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