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I'm curious if the coloring for the outfit looks as expected when you are in a conversation. We are looking into this issue and any information can help us track down what is occurring. The details already provided have already given us some excellent leads and we hope to get this all sorted out quickly.

Short answer: No. They don't look as expected in cut scenes.

Longer answer: Some items don't seem to 'take' to matching colors in cut scenes. They retain their original colors or appear washed out or a different color all together. i.e. The 'Dark Initiates Robe' when paired with the 'Loungewear Bottoms' colors the bottoms black if 'Matched' in game, yet in cut scenes it's blood red. (This is true with any of the bikini bottoms paired with this robe.) It happens, in my experience with gloves, bracers, boots and helms most often. The chest and pants seem to take to a color rematch fine... the rest of the gear seems to use a different color pallet. (As in the colors don't seem to quite mesh in game. A black chest piece produces dark greys when matched, reds become pink etc.) In cut scenes some pieces just seem to revert to their base colors or just appear with totally wrong colors.
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