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01.18.2013 , 03:25 PM | #10
I agree it's annoying to hear political talk going on in general chat. It was refreshing to me going over to an EU server during the presidential elections. When it got out of hand I would just go log in over there, they don't talk as much political smack as they do on US servers. Though they do like to speak in tongues (native languages) once in a while on English servers, which gets annoying if it's more than a few comments.

HOWEVER, it's equally as annoying to see LFG and WTB/S spam on the general chat as well. That's what the groupfinder, GTN and trade chat is for. General chat is just that, chit chat, a little in game (lighthearted) smack talk and asking in game questions or looking for help/advise.

And why is this in the FP and Heroic forum?

EDIT: ^Yes I've had quite a few good laughs from just reading chat while waiting for que's to pop or browsing the GTN. Also turn on the profanity filter and try to guess the words/phrases that were used also helps pass the time and is good for lutz.